Located at The 5 & Dime Theater in Jacksonville, FL

Promotional image featuring Cave Dweller by Elaine Hosking

Introductory Statement

Our bodies contain hidden worlds. And like an explorer, we spend our lives discovering and rediscovering these landscapes. We develop an understanding of ourselves and those around us. We grow comfortable with the ground beneath our feet. But what happens when we encounter a new world that challenges the perception of who we are?

Both Cock and Bodyscapes push against the hard surface of our established identities, thrusting us into a space of uncertainty that we must learn to reconcile. Playing with notions of fluidity, Elaine Hosking creates intimate moments that draw in the viewer. In these photographs, the body, removed from the context of its owner, acquires a sense of ambiguity. Meanwhile, the miniature scenes arranged on the fleshy landscapes appeal to our sense of humor and wonder. By inviting us to look in on these self-contained worlds, Hosking reimagines an intimate relationship separate from sex. With its creativity and emotion, Bodyscapes pushes the boundaries of gender and human relationships. In partnering together, The 5 & Dime and Yellow House create a space for meaningful conversations on the topics of gender, sexuality, and identity.

For 2018, The Gallery at The 5 & Dime will host exhibitions curated by Yellow House with each presentation having a direct connection to the themes and ideas being explored on stage.

View Elaine’s photographs here