Located at The 5 & Dime Theater in Jacksonville, FL

Promotional image featuring What If It Comes Back by Ellen Kanzinger

Introductory Statement

What does it mean to be cured? In the cancer community, ten is the magic number. After ten years of living in complete remission, some doctors will tell their patients that they are cured. But what about the memory of illness and the anxiety it often leaves behind? Can this too be cured?

As Ellen Kanzinger approached her ten-year mark, she revisited the events that arose after her mother discovered a lump on her neck when she was only twelve years old. By photographing and interviewing her family, Kanzinger documents her diagnosis, surgery, and subsequent healing, confronting her anxieties each step of the way. The final product is a series of powerful portraits that play with shadows, color, and memory to explore the isolating effects of illness. 

Affect(ed) speaks to the missed personal connections at the center of Bess Wohl’s Small Mouth Sounds as well as James Lapine and William Finn’s Falsettos. All too often, the characters in these plays are trapped within themselves. At times they are stuck in isolating situations and relationships or paralyzed by fears they have yet to confront. Yet, like the voices in Affect(ed), these characters remind us to look beyond ourselves. What do we lose when we fail to connect with one another?

In the past year, the Gallery at The 5 & Dime has hosted exhibitions curated by Yellow House. Each installation has a direct connection to the themes and ideas being explored on stage. We are proud to welcome Ellen Kanzinger into this space. Kanzinger is a visual journalist working in Charlottesville, VA. Her work combines elements of still images, text, and audio to explore themes of belonging, memory, and the passage of time. 

Installation Views

“I just wanted mom or dad to comfort me about it. I just wanted them to be like, ‘oh hey are you okay? Like are you okay with this? How are you doing?’ And I wasn’t getting that.”


“Before you go, can I run my fingers through your hair?”


“It took longer than I thought it would to get a full head of hair. And it didn’t all come back. There’s this part right here that didn’t come back. But I just comb it slightly differently.”

Grandma Kanzinger

“And I think, god, there but for the grace of God.”

Grandpa Kranchalk


A Conversation with Ellen Kanzinger